Brand new to Terraform? Let’s take the first step to install and set it up on your Windows 10 OS.

Terraform can run on just about every OS, but in this guide we are only focusing on Windows 10 setup.

Step 1: Downloading the software

More than likely your OS is 64 bit, so let’s download the 64 bit Windows option.

It will download a zip file with only 1 file inside of it. Extract this file anywhere you’d like, personally I put the Terraform file into C:\Users\<Username>\ and right into this home user directory.

Step 2: Validate that it…

I will write a tutorial on what Azure is and what Web Apps are in a different article. For now we are gonna get right into action.

Step 1:

create an account at — you get $200 free credit and free services for a year, great stuff.

Upon creation lets go into Resource Groups in your dashboard. If it’s not in your dashboard, just click the arrow for more services and find it, or type in App Services in the search bar.

Before we get started, let’s discuss the fancy word…
What is Kubernetes?

Let’s start with Kubernetes…
Kubernetes or K8s for short is an open source toolkit for building a fault-tolerant, scalable platform designed to automate and centrally manage containerized applications. The platform itself can be deployed within almost any infrastructure — in the local network, server cluster, data center, any kind of cloud — public (Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, AWS, etc.), private, hybrid, or even over the combination of these methods. It is noteworthy that Kubernetes supports the automatic placement and replication of containers over a large number of hosts.

This brings us to the second question…
What is Docker?

Adam Marton Beke

Aspiring DevOps Engineer

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